“My paintings are about revelation, disclosing to others the way I see the world and although many things move me there is always one theme repeated in my work: the presence of water, constantly moving and changing, the light refraction creating a myriad of colours and ever changing scenes.”

“Putting it onto canvas, I find myself in awe of its ability to constantly mesmerise, to instantly take you back to a memory, whether a childhood holiday, a beautiful scene or simply imagining the exhilaration of diving into the surf”.

In trying to express her elation at the simple beauty and strength of this ever changing subject she uses a range of materials and methods to create art that is vivid in both texture and colour. More recently she has been working with the paint, mixing it with other materials to create an organic medium, allowing its colour and texture to partly direct the finished outcome.

Ann is based in Richmond, Surrey and her work can be found in private collections throughout the UK.

Ann Hopkins

Ever since she was a child every part of Ann’s life has been touched by the desire to create, to inspire the senses and imagination of others through words, images and texture.

Two long careers in fashion design and marketing allowed her to express her artistic skills in a more refined way, whilst continuing her love of painting in her spare time. A chance meeting with an avid art collector encouraged Ann to dedicate herself to her art full-time and she spent 2 years studying at Heatherley’s School of Fine Art in Chelsea. She has since led a fulfilling career creating paintings that are vivid in both texture and colour.

Ann uses her camera as a compositional tool, never using the photographs she has taken as images to simply copy, rather combining key details from several photographs to form her increasingly surreal and beautiful reflective water scenes. Using her skill at digital manipulation to change the images even further, only once this process is complete does she start to put paint onto canvas. Surrounded by this impactful source material she lets her creativity take over: